Know Where You’re Eating

People use the term “restaurant” to refer to all kinds of different places where they can buy food that someone else prepares. Eating out can mean varied experiences based on which kind of restaurant you choose.


Bars are restaurants or parts of restaurants that primarily serve alcohol. A bartender may simply pour drinks into glasses for customers, or he or she may mix drinks based on customers’ preferences. Some bars also serve food such as burgers, fries and chicken wings. In Texas, bars must have TABC licensing, which is permission from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to serve liquor. Before going to a bar, check the age policy. You may not be able to bring anyone younger than 21 in with you.

Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food restaurants have become incredibly popular in the past few decades. They offer food that is generally fried, such as fries and chicken nuggets. People often choose these restaurants because of the quick service and low cost. Additionally, many have drive-through lines that allow customers to order and purchase food without leaving their cars, simplifying road trips or commutes.

Fine Dining

Fast food restaurants are very different from those that brand themselves as fine dining. This type of restaurant has waiters, and customers sit at tables with reusable plates, cutlery and linens. Like bars, fine dining usually has options for alcohol, but it is served at individual tables instead of at a high table. The options for food are much more expensive but may feature higher-end ingredients that require extensive preparation. Depending on the restaurant, you may have to follow a dress code to contribute to the elegant atmosphere.

Labels such as “fast food” and “fine dining” tell you what a restaurant’s main characteristics are. However, they should not make you feel guilty about where you are eating. The important thing about eating out is to enjoy yourself.

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