I Have Lost Ten Pounds So Far

I have really been working hard at this for about a month and a half. Before that I started out more casually and it did not really do as much for me as I wanted it to. At any rate I have changed my diet and I have been eating a lot of low carb food. In fact I have been giving up pasta completely, even though that is one of the things that I really love. Instead I have been making noodles out of zucchini. It is really pretty easy and while they do not taste like noodles, they are a very good replacement. It is a simple thing, although I would advise you to get a cut resistant glove before you do this the way that I do. I suppose that if you were good with a knife it would be possible to do it by hand, but I use a mandolin to slice the squash. The one I have as a blade thing that has about a dozen vertical blades and a horizontal blade below it. You just slide the zucchini through it and it cuts it into noodles about twice the size of spaghetti.

The difference in the calories between pasta and zucchini noodles is really amazing. Of course I am not going to claim that they are the same, because that simply is not how it is. The similarity is quite high, but you have to look at the end result. I have been working hard at this for a long time and it is not going to work unless you do some working out to go along with the dieting. I have been getting up early in the morning and riding a second hand exercise bike that I got at a yard sale this summer.

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