Have You Considered Upgrading to a Smart-Coffee Maker?  

If there is one thing that we love, it’s coffee. Second, after coffee would have to be our phones. If only there was some way for us to blend them together. Luckily, coffee machine makers teamed up with technology long ago, and now coffee and smartphone addicts are reaping the rewards.

The first, and most prominent, benefit to owning a smart coffee-maker and connecting it to your mobile device is the ability to brew coffee from bed. That’s right. That means you can wake up in the morning, roll over and press a button, and shortly smell the brewing of your favorite blend.

If there was only one reason to go out and buy one, this is it!

Of course, technology would never restrict you to your house. Smart coffee machines can also be controlled via your mobile device anywhere you have data reception. This means that you can start brewing coffee as you are getting off the bus so that it’s ready when you walk in the door.

When it comes to the actual making of your coffee at home, temperature control has always been a challenge. However, with smart-coffee machines, choosing and controlling the temperature are as easy as pressing a button on your cellphone. This extends to the milk frothing, also. Milk frothing has always been troublesome, but with smart-coffee machines, all of the guesswork is taken care of for you. Many of the high-end offerings will also self-clean.

With the temperature sorted, smart-coffee machines have another trick up their sleeve. High-end models offer up to 17 different coffee recipes, all available for you to choose from on your cellphone. Of course, if you have guests staying, you can also arrange for coffee to be available at their leisure, also.

If you have ready this far, we are surprised that you didn’t turn off the computer as soon as you read that you can brew coffee from bed. If you are still with us and aren’t quite sure whether to make the upgrade, the answer is simple – you can brew coffee from your bed!

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