Encouraging a Sick Friend or Family Member (topbestone.com)

When a friend is sick or depressed it is natural for those who care to show their concern. It can be hard to think of meaningful ways to encourage and uplift those who are struggling. Here are a few tips that may help give you some ideas the next time you want to show someone you care.

Spending Time

Nothing says you care like the gift of your precious time. People know that life is busy and hectic and that you have a lot to do to keep your own life running smoothly. That is why giving up a day, or even and hour or two, can be so meaningful. Just not being alone is a great healer is many circumstances.

Send a Care Package

A little treat is always a pick me up – that is why it is called comfort food. You could get them something they already enjoy or choose something new to try out. Most people respond well to chocolate in some form. Be sure to check for nut allergies. You may find a wide variety of selections featuring just the right touch at Colorado Gift Baskets.

Get Them Outdoors

Particularly if the sun is shining, it would be uplifting to take your friend or loved one for a drive, just to get them out of the house. Vitamin D is so good for you and blue skies and sunshine are abundant in it. If the weather is warm, a drive in the country where you can drive slowly and put the windows down is a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

The most important thing of course, is just to let them know they are not alone and that someone cares enough to go out of their way to help them feel happier. You may never know the value that holds until you are on the receiving end of it, so give a bit of yourself today.

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