Bringing Designer Style to Your Home for Less

“You’ve been accused of having champagne taste on a beer budget, and your bank account is starting to support that claim. But don’t stress yet. You can indulge in designer quality style without spending your life savings on home decor. All it takes is a little ingenuity, patience, and smart shopping to update your interior design for hundreds less than you’d spend on designer items. Here are our tried and true tips for totally updating your home’s style like the design star you are, all while saving big.

Secondhand Shopping

Antique malls, Salvation Army locations, and thrifts stores are untapped treasure troves just waiting to be discovered! You’ll be amazed at the quality pieces of furniture you can find lurking behind a dusty corner. With just a little love and elbow grease, you can resurrect forgotten furniture and give it a second life as the show-stopping centerpiece of your home. An antique fainting couch might look a little worse for wear, but check the structure of the piece before disregarding it. If the frame is intact and the springs are solid, you have the makings of a customized chaise lounge right before your eyes. Take it home, and spend the money you saved by buying second hand on great new upholstery. You can coordinate the color and pattern of the fabric with your preexisting furniture for a gorgeously designed, one of a kind look!

Wait For Sales

When you get the itch to start redesigning a room of your house, it can be tough to implore patience. But try your best to sit tight. Don’t waste your money on pricey items that are just okay if there’s a special piece that really has a hold on your heart. Find a store manager to ask if and when certain items might go on sale. Waiting until the end of the season will feel totally worthwhile when you have the piece of your dreams sitting in your home for 40% of the original sticker price. It is also worth considering buying floor models of higher priced items. The wear to these sample pieces is usually minimal, and can be repaired or minimized with very little effort. No one will ever know how you were able to afford that high end designer chair, and we promise not to spill your secret.

Do It Yourself

If you can’t get enough of interior design magazines and blogs, you might just have a wellspring of inspiration and creativity waiting to be tapped. Getting crafty can give you topnotch style at a fraction of the cost of name brands. Websites like Pinterest and Apartment Therapy are filled with creative do it yourself ideas with step by step project guides. You can find all the supplies you need to craft your own masterpieces at local craft stores or online discount outlets like We’ve saved so much money shopping for supplies at that we’ve been able to afford higher quality materials for the projects themselves

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