A Brief Discussion About Yum Cha

Yum cha is a traditional Chinese food setting which is kind of ceremonial. The food items and the style of eating- everything is all very specific. There is herbal tea and dim sums on the table and it is said to be very honorable and noteworthy to be the first one to pour the tea. It is also required that the person who is pouring the tea first, pours tea into the cups of the other guests before his or her own cup. It is seen as a sign of gratitude and respect for the other guests. Yum cha has been a tradition for years in China and now people all over the world have come to know about it. Yum cha is basically an afternoon tea session setting.

With the advancement in time, yum cha practice has spread all over the world in several countries (including China) there are many restaurants which have yum cha setting. If you choose to go to a yum cha restaurant, the timing has to be specifically followed as per the regulations of the restaurant, given that yum cha is only practiced as an afternoon tea session.

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