3 Factors To Consider When Selling Alochol at a Restaurant

As a restaurant owner, you are always thinking of additions to make to your establishment. One of these considerations may involve the preparation and sale of alcoholic drinks. This service can increase interest in the business and become profitable, especially with US alcohol sales reaching $253.8 billion in 2018. However, before you make that important choice, there are factors you must consider and measure.

The Direction of the Establishment

Alcohol, as well as the type of drinks you serve, can greatly impact the image of the restaurant. Serving these drinks at all may attract adult consumers, but also cost you children and families. Beer can bring a less formal audience compared to classier alternatives like wine, but it also makes up 78.3% of alcohol sales. Will people grab their food immediately or wait for it? Consider these factors as you think about your vision and how alcohol fits in.

Compliance to the Law

Since you will be selling alcoholic drinks, you must abide by laws and restrictions due to the hazardous nature of the substance. You will need to learn how to get an alcohol permit in dallas tx and how much to pay for it, since many communities only sell a limited amount. Also, you will need to enforce strong age and sales restrictions with each consumer. Consider the advantages and costs of law compliance as you make the decision.

Estimating the Right Price

One more factor to think about as you choose to sell alcohol in the location is determining the right pricing for the drinks. This element can be influenced by numerous factors, such as the local and federal laws and the costs inherent to acquiring and preparing certain drinks. You may also consider competition and potential promotions and discounts when determining prices.

Selling and serving alcoholic drinks at your eating establishment can bring great profit, but also increase responsibilities. Weigh out the pros and cons to ensure you best serve the customers.

Encouraging a Sick Friend or Family Member (topbestone.com)

When a friend is sick or depressed it is natural for those who care to show their concern. It can be hard to think of meaningful ways to encourage and uplift those who are struggling. Here are a few tips that may help give you some ideas the next time you want to show someone you care.

Spending Time

Nothing says you care like the gift of your precious time. People know that life is busy and hectic and that you have a lot to do to keep your own life running smoothly. That is why giving up a day, or even and hour or two, can be so meaningful. Just not being alone is a great healer is many circumstances.

Send a Care Package

A little treat is always a pick me up – that is why it is called comfort food. You could get them something they already enjoy or choose something new to try out. Most people respond well to chocolate in some form. Be sure to check for nut allergies. You may find a wide variety of selections featuring just the right touch at Colorado Gift Baskets.

Get Them Outdoors

Particularly if the sun is shining, it would be uplifting to take your friend or loved one for a drive, just to get them out of the house. Vitamin D is so good for you and blue skies and sunshine are abundant in it. If the weather is warm, a drive in the country where you can drive slowly and put the windows down is a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

The most important thing of course, is just to let them know they are not alone and that someone cares enough to go out of their way to help them feel happier. You may never know the value that holds until you are on the receiving end of it, so give a bit of yourself today.

Ways to Surprise Your Employees

If you are looking for ways to brighten the day of your employees, look no further. Here are some tips to lift office moral and enjoy time with the people who work for and with you.

Have a Day Out

Taking your employees outside of the workplace for group bonding has been shown to be incredibly effective for fostering good relationships. You can go to a local park or outdoor place if the weather allows, or you can treat them to a long, extended lunch at a place that everyone loves. Doing this can often help with team bonding, as well as potentially provide a venue for employees to express concerns or even new ideas.

Bring Unique Snacks

Rather than ordering a baker’s dozen of donuts or bagels, try something different, like cookies. Many companies will deliver your orders straight to your office or workplace, depending on where you live. For example, if you live in Atlanta, Georgia, a simple internet search for “corporate cookies atlanta” will provide you with a list of companies in your area. Cookies are also wonderful as a thank you gift to customers or other executives within your company.

Set Attractive Goals and Incentives

One of the best ways to make sure your team is on track is to set goals. However, sometimes if employees are having a difficult time accomplishing those goals, it is a good idea to give them an incentive. This can provide the necessary push to think out of the box or work a little bit harder to find a solution to a problem, or complete a quota that the company needs to meet.

Changing the environment and creating positive relationships with your employees does not have to be difficult. With these tips, you are sure to make them appreciate you, by showing them how much you value their work.

Know Where You’re Eating

People use the term “restaurant” to refer to all kinds of different places where they can buy food that someone else prepares. Eating out can mean varied experiences based on which kind of restaurant you choose.


Bars are restaurants or parts of restaurants that primarily serve alcohol. A bartender may simply pour drinks into glasses for customers, or he or she may mix drinks based on customers’ preferences. Some bars also serve food such as burgers, fries and chicken wings. In Texas, bars must have TABC licensing, which is permission from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to serve liquor. Before going to a bar, check the age policy. You may not be able to bring anyone younger than 21 in with you.

Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food restaurants have become incredibly popular in the past few decades. They offer food that is generally fried, such as fries and chicken nuggets. People often choose these restaurants because of the quick service and low cost. Additionally, many have drive-through lines that allow customers to order and purchase food without leaving their cars, simplifying road trips or commutes.

Fine Dining

Fast food restaurants are very different from those that brand themselves as fine dining. This type of restaurant has waiters, and customers sit at tables with reusable plates, cutlery and linens. Like bars, fine dining usually has options for alcohol, but it is served at individual tables instead of at a high table. The options for food are much more expensive but may feature higher-end ingredients that require extensive preparation. Depending on the restaurant, you may have to follow a dress code to contribute to the elegant atmosphere.

Labels such as “fast food” and “fine dining” tell you what a restaurant’s main characteristics are. However, they should not make you feel guilty about where you are eating. The important thing about eating out is to enjoy yourself.